Maestro Home Air Purifier

Experience the power of Maestro Home Air Purifier, an intelligent system that detects and eliminates airborne particles for on-demand fresh air. With a 5x stage air purification process, including a particulate membrane, Granular Activated Carbon, HEPA 13 filter, UVC light, and ionizer, breathe safe and easy with Maestro.

Maestro Air Home Air Purifier
New Maestro Nimbus air purifier

Nimbus Portable Air Purifier

Introducing Nimbus Portable Air Purifier, your personal air space protector. With its powerful combination filter, UVC light, and multiple fan speeds, Nimbus effectively filters 9-10 cubic meters of air. Whether powered by USB or rechargeable battery, enjoy clean air wherever you go.

Introducing Maestro Air Purifier

Powerful 5x stage filtration

Damp Guard

Combat dampness with Damp Guard. Our naturally absorbing silica technology eliminates excessive moisture, preventing mould and musty odours. Hang Damp Guard in trouble spots, and watch as it extracts moisture, leaving the air fresh and dry. Its color-changing indicator lets you know when it’s time to rejuvenate.

Damp Guard 2x unpacked

Shoe Guard

Protect your shoes with Shoe Guard. Simply slide it into the toe end of your shoes to prevent moisture build-up. The water drop indicator alerts you when regeneration is needed, ensuring optimal performance.

Shoe Guard 1x pair

Maestro Dehumidifier

Say goodbye to excess moisture with the Maestro Dehumidifier. Compact and lightweight, it’s perfect for homes or caravans. Featuring TEP technology, one-button control, and built-in protection, this set-and-forget solution keeps your environment dry and healthy.

Maestro Air Dehumidifier
Maestro Air next day dispatch
Maestro Misting Fan

Misting Fan

Experience the advanced cooling technology of Maestro Misting Fan. By harnessing the power of atomized water droplets, our misting fan effectively removes heat from the air, providing a refreshing and cool environment. Wherever you direct the mist, that’s where the magic of heat exchange and cooling happens.

About Maestro

Maestro is a pioneering leader in innovative climate control solutions. With a relentless commitment to technological advancement, Maestro has revolutionized the way we experience comfort in our surroundings. Our cutting-edge products, including state-of-the-art misting fans and cooling systems as well as dehumidifiers and other moisture removal solutions, all chemical free. Maestro is focussed on creating refreshing environments for your comfort and health.