Introducing the Maestro Misting Fan: Enhance Your Cooling Experience

Experience ultimate comfort and cooling with the Maestro Misting Fan. Designed with innovation, quality, and safety in mind, this fan offers a range of features to keep you cool and comfortable during hot summer days. Let’s explore its functionalities, modes, and additional benefits to help you make the most out of this remarkable indoor/outdoor fan.

Powerful Fan Speed Settings

The Maestro Misting Fan provides three fan speed settings: Low, Medium, and High. With easy control over the fan speed, either through the unit or the remote control, you can effortlessly adjust the airflow according to your cooling needs. The fan’s 300 mm width ensures optimal air circulation, maximising the cooling effect.

Press ON/SPEED button to toggle between different fan speeds/turning off the unit. This can be done from either the unit or via the remote control.

Misting Fan timer
Misting Fans 3x operating modes

3x Operating Modes

Versatile Operating Modes

Equipped with three operating modes, the Maestro Misting Fan offers a variety of breeze options to suit your preferences. These modes include:

  • Normal Mode: Enjoy a regular breeze for everyday comfort.
  • Natural Mode: Experience the refreshing sensation of a natural breeze.
  • Sleep Mode: Transition from a strong to a mild breeze gradually for a peaceful night’s sleep.

These multiple operational modes, combined with the various fan speeds, provide you with full control over your cooling experience. You can easily switch between modes using the MODE button on the unit or the remote control.

Press MODE button to toggle between different modes. This can be done from either the unit or via the remote control.

Oscillation / Rotation Mode

Efficient Oscillation/Rotation Mode

With the Maestro Misting Fan’s oscillation/rotation mode, you have the power to control the direction of the breeze. By enabling oscillation, the fan increases coverage, ensuring that cooled air moves continuously throughout the area. This feature helps keep you cool and comfortable even in larger spaces. The wide coverage of the oscillation creates a “wind chill” effect, cooling down a wider area in a shorter amount of time. You can effortlessly activate or deactivate oscillation using the ROTATE button on the unit or the remote control.

Press ROTATE button to enable oscillation, press again to turn off. This can be done from either the unit or the remote control.

Misting Fan 3x speed modes
Misting fan misting atomizer

The Maestro Air misting tank holds 1.5L of water comfortably and 2L of water at maximum capacity.

Misting Atomiser

Advanced Misting Atomiser Technology

The Maestro Misting Fan’s misting atomiser is designed to create micro droplets that remain airborne for extended periods. These fine droplets effectively consume and remove heat from the air through flash evaporation. The fan’s pressurised cooling system pumps water through the rotary atomiser, splitting it into microscopic droplets that circulate throughout the air. This process is repeated millions of times per minute, rapidly reducing ambient temperatures by up to 10-12 degrees Celsius. The superfine mist is so fine that you never feel wet, even when standing directly in front of it.

Remove the back cover and then the water tank.

Make sure the water hose is connected to the atomising unit.

Fill the water tank with tap water, return to the back of the unit and attach back cover.

Press the MIST button, either on the unit or via the remote control.

Your Maestro Misting Fan is now ready to take full advantage of the misting function.

Insect Repellent Slot

Stay cool and get rid of mozzies all at the same time.

The Maestro Misting Fan also includes a mosquito repellent slot where a mosquito pellet can be inserted. The pellet will slowly vaporise, emitting a fine, effective and odourless repellent which is then distributed by the fan, driving and keeping mosquitoes away, silently and is odourless.

Stay cool and keep mozzies at bay all at the same time. Perfect integrated functionality for this indoor / outdoor fan.

Insert a mosquito repellent pellet into the MOSQUITO REPELLENT SLOT on the back of the unit. Turn on in-built vaporiser with the remote, press again to turn off.

Misting Fan insect repellent slot
Misting Fan mozzie pellets

Mosquito repellent tabs

We recommend the use of Mortein odourless low irritant Matt refills . They are available on eBay and various major Mortein stockists.

Misting Fan 3x speed modes

Convenient Timer Function

The Maestro Misting Fan comes with an in-built auto-off timer, allowing you to set the desired running time. Simply press the TIMER button on either the unit or the remote control to select the duration. Each press represents one hour, and the selected hours will be displayed on the LCD panel. Whether you need a few hours of cooling or an extended period, the timer function provides convenience and energy efficiency.

Press TIMER button once for every hour of use, either on the unit or via the remote control. I.E. 1 press = 1 hour, 8 presses = 8 hours.
The hours selected will illuminate on the LCD panel.

12 month warranty

At Maestro Air, we strive for excellence in design, innovation, and safety. We are confident in the quality and durability of the Maestro Misting Fan, which is why it is backed by a 12-month product warranty. Should you encounter any issues within this period, our dedicated support team is ready to assist you.

The Maestro Misting Fan is backed by a 12 month product warranty.

Misting Fan 12 month warranty

Experience the Maestro Misting Fan's Cooling Power

Upgrade your cooling experience with the Maestro Misting Fan. Enjoy the flexibility of adjustable fan speeds, versatile operating modes, efficient oscillation, and the refreshing misting atomiser. With integrated functionalities such as the insect repellent slot and convenient timer, this fan offers unparalleled comfort and convenience. Stay cool, comfortable, and mosquito-free with the Maestro Misting Fan – your perfect companion for indoor and outdoor cooling.

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