Combat odour and moisture

Shoe Guard is the perfect natural solution for rejuvenating and deodorising all types of enclosed footwear, including boots, platforms, shoes, sneakers and runners.

Simply place Shoe Guard into your shoes, sliding the guard into the toe end of the shoes. Shoe Guard’s water drop indicator lets you know when the Shoe Guard’s media is exhausted and requires regeneration. The indicator will change colour from blue to pink and back to blue once regenerated.

For odour and smell removal leave Shoe Guard in the shoes for a minimum of 24-36 hours or until the offending smell dissipates. For damp removal, leave Shoe Guard in the shoes until the shoes have dried.

Shoe Guard (box)
Shoe Guard (box)

Water Drop Indicator

Shoe Guard (indication)

The water drop indicator will change colour to indicate the status of the Shoe Guard. Strong blue indicates maximum effectiveness, strong pink indicates the least effective.

To regenerate your Shoe Guard, place in a dry area when the water indicator is pink, preferably in direct sunlight. When the water drop indicator returns to blue your Shoe Guard is one again active and effective.

  • Note: Regeneration times may vary depending on the shoe age, material composition and she degeneration.

Easy to use, easy to monitor

Shoe Guard active

Prior to use always check to ensure Shoe Guard is active. The water drop indicator will be blue in colour.

Shoe Guard insert

Insert Shoe Guard firmly into the toe of the footwear.

Shoe Guard check up

For best results occasionally check the Shoe Guard remains in active mode (has not turned pink).

Shoe Guard multi use

Shoe Guard can be used for smell and odour removal in motor vehicles, caravans and or homes too.

Shoe Contouring Guid

Shoe Guard (contouring)
  • Slide the Shoe Guard firmly into the toe of the footwear.
  • Leave Shoe Guard in place until the shoe contour firmness returns.

Naturally absorbing silica, chemical free

Shoe Guard (refill)

Recommended replacement duration:
12 months to combat odour, or more often if required.

Replacement absorption media

Media duration:

Replace the media (Guard) when the rejuvenation process has been exhausted. This process allows the Shoe Guard to be re-used for up to 12 months. Once the rejuvenation process fails to restore and refresh the Shoe Guard, the replacement media is required and the old media can be discarded. Follow these easy  instructions when replacing the Shoe Guard media:

Replacement media instruction

Shoe Guard media replacement instructions 1

Open the Shoe Guard to take the old media out. To open Show Guard, gently squeeze both sides of [ B ] at the point marked with the [ X ].

Shoe Guard media replacement instructions 2

Place the new replacement media in the base of the Shoe Guard [ B ]. Align the top and bottom parts of the Shoe Guard [ A and B ] with the new media in place and click parts [ A and B ] together.

Shoe Guard media replacement instructions 3

Once closed, with the new media positioned inside the Shoe Guard, Shoe Guard is ready to be used again.

Choose Shoe Guard for a hassle-free, chemical-free solution to combat odours and moisture in your footwear. Enjoy fresh, rejuvenated shoes for extended periods.

Shoe Guard 1x pair
Shoe Guard in shoes

Shoe Guard

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