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Introducing Damp Guard (single unit): The Solution for Excessive Moisture. Say goodbye to excessive moisture and its damaging effects with Damp Guard. This innovative solution effectively combats moisture-related problems, keeping the air dry, fresh, and free from musty odors. Damp Guard is a chemical-free solution that effectively guards against dampness, mildew, and stale odors. Powered by naturally absorbing silica, it extracts ambient moisture and keeps the air fresh. With a lifespan of 14-24 months, Damp Guard ensures long-lasting protection against excessive moisture.


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Excessive moisture is a common problem that leads to damaging mold and mildew issues. Damp Guard eliminates excess moisture and its associated problems. Powered by naturally absorbing silica technology, it efficiently extracts moisture from the atmosphere, providing long-lasting protection.

Simply hang Damp Guard in a trouble spot and it will extract moisture from the atmosphere, leaving the surrounding air dry and fresh, and free from unhealthy, musty odours.

Stay Informed with the Water Drop Indicator:

With Damp Guard’s water drop indicator, you can easily monitor its status. The indicator changes color from blue to pink when the media is exhausted, signaling the need for regeneration. Once rejuvenated, it returns to its original blue color, just like our popular Shoe Guard.

Easy Regeneration Process:

Unlike other products on the market, Damp Guard doesn’t require replacement parts. When it reaches its moisture capacity, simply hang it outside. The natural process of evaporation restores its moisture retention properties. Place it in a dry area or under direct sunlight until the indicator returns to blue, ensuring optimal moisture protection.

Flexible options:

Damp Guard features an adjustable length hanging hook, allowing you to customize its position. Simply slide the unit down for the desired length. When fully extended, it measures 57cm, providing flexibility and ease of use.

Damp Guard 3 pack (individual)
  • Always check that Damp Guard’s water drop indicator is blue before use.
  • Hang Damp Guard in problem areas where excessive moisture is present.
  • Occasionally check that the indicator remains blue for best results.

Say goodbye to excessive moisture and its damaging effects. Choose Damp Guard for a hassle-free and effective solution. Enjoy a dry, fresh, and odor-free environment. Invest in Damp Guard today and experience the difference it can make in your living spaces.

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