Benefits of the Maestro Misting Fan

There’s lots to love about the warm weather, so why let anything spoil it? Too hot, too sticky? Can’t work, can’t sleep. Worried about your power bill. Now you have control over the climate in your home. Thanks to the maestro misting fan, old style fans just circulate the same stale air. Maestro uses water cool technology to help create the perfect ambient temperature. Think how fresh and uplifting it is near a waterfall that’s due to the combination of moving air and ultra fine water particles. It’s nature’s own cooling system. Recreating that effect, the maestro misting fan draws in hot air from five sides, combines it with the finest of atomized water, and sends it out again. Cool, fresh, and deliciously comfortable. Use the remote or the control panel to tailor your experience.

Misting Fan 12 month warranty

Save energy, save money.

Reduced cooling time with Flash Evaporation technology.

Atomised mist does not leave a wet residue.

No need for enclosed room, effective indoors and outdoors.

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Why is the Maestro Misting Fan so effective?

Misting Fan flash evaporation technologyFlash evaporation technology offers a revolutionary leap in the world of misting fans, delivering an array of unparalleled benefits that enhance both comfort and efficiency. These innovative fans utilize the principles of flash evaporation to transform water into ultra-fine mist particles, which swiftly evaporate upon contact with the air, producing an immediate cooling effect. The benefits of this technology are manifold. Firstly, it ensures rapid and consistent cooling, making it an ideal choice for combating sweltering heatwaves. Secondly, the fine mist particles are so minuscule that they virtually eliminate any concerns of excess moisture, preventing any discomfort or dampness. Furthermore, flash evaporation misting fans are remarkably energy-efficient, consuming minimal electricity while providing maximum relief. Their eco-friendly nature reduces environmental impact and supports sustainable cooling solutions. With customizable settings, user-friendly operation, and an aesthetically pleasing design, these misting fans offer a refreshing and efficient way to beat the heat, making them an indispensable addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Experience the future of cooling comfort with flash evaporation technology – a game-changer in misting fan innovation.

Traditional fans simply circulate the hot air.

Air conditioners cool down the air with refrigeration.

Mist fans absorb & remove heat from the air.

Misting Fan 12 month warranty
Misting Fan oscillation & rotation

The Power of Flash Evaporation

The principle of the Maestro Misting Fan mist cooling technology is the removal of heat from the air when heat comes into contact with atomised water droplets. Consequently it follows that wherever you distribute your atomised water droplets is where the heat exchange/cooling will take place.

Even more to enjoy

There are three breeze options, three speeds, a 1 to 8-hour timer, and the choice of enjoying the fan with mist or simply a cooling airflow. Compact and portable, you can move maestro wherever it’s needed around your home. Even outdoors. It’s the answer to cool, comfortable living, even during the hottest days and nights. Getting to sleep and staying asleep can be difficult when it’s hot and sticky. The maestro misting fan can change that. Plus, it’s super quiet. It can even help with the other big issue that keeps us awake: the Mozzie. Nobody likes Bill Shock. Maestro uses only 90 watts of power, so you can run it whenever you need it without the worry. Live life in cool comfort with the maestro misting fan.

Misting fan indoors & outdoors

A Fan For Indoors & Outdoors

The benefits of the Maestro Misting Fan using an atomised mist to enable flash evaporation is that the fan is effective both indoors and outdoors.

An outdoor fan will simply blow hot air on to you and you will need deep pockets if you want to open up your living room so that the air conditioner can cool you during your outdoor dinner party but Maestro Misting Fan can keep you cool without the cost. You can even keep the mosquito’s away with the inbuilt mosquito pellet vaporiser.


  • Use it indoors or outdoors; Unlike air conditioners; You don’t have to close the room up. You don’t have to shut the windows. You wont fall over when you get your power bill.
  • Great for those hot summer barbecues.
  • At home, cool your room down quickly and at a fraction of the cost.

The benefits are abundant

The benefits are abundant: rapid heat reduction, minimal moisture, and energy efficiency. Misting fans are ideal for scorching heatwaves, ensuring a consistent and comfortable environment. Say goodbye to concerns of excess dampness as the ultra-fine mist evaporates quickly. Plus, their eco-friendly operation minimizes environmental impact, offering a sustainable solution for staying cool. Discover the ultimate synergy of function and comfort with misting fans – a must-have addition for indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

Misting Fan average usage costs

Stay Cool Whilst Saving Money

Low power draw and powerful cooling technology make Maestro Air Misting Fan the perfect choice. With a maximum output of just 90 watts of power, the savings are enormous compared to using an air conditioner!

  • Fan mode uses just 55 watts.
  • Mist mode uses just 30 watts.
  • And insect mode uses just 5 watts.

Standard air conditioners can use up to 2000 watts of power to operate effectively, used daily this can end up costing you more than $200 per month on energy!

Compare that to Maestro; Maestro uses less energy than your average light bulb. Use it daily, with minimum energy and on average, just $29 per month and can save you up to 10 times less than a standard air conditioning unit.

Being so lightweight and on wheels, Maestro is perfect for every room; the kitchen when your cooking, watching TV, in the bedroom, home office, patio when relaxing or BBQ area when entertaining.

Maestro designs products with innovation, quality and safety in mind.

Try the tissue test

Maestro Misting Fan circulates droplets throughout the air which absorb and remove trapped heat, in turn the heat causes the water droplets to quickly evaporate and this pattern is repeated millions of times per minute.

To see how effective this is try holding a tissue 20cm from the Maestro Misting Fan. You will notice the tissue remains dry because the atomised particles are so small and evaporate so quickly cooling the air, that there is no wet residue on the tissue. Amazing!

Maestro Air Misting Fan tissue challenge
Misting Fan cost calculator

About Maestro

Maestro is a pioneering leader in innovative climate control solutions. With a relentless commitment to technological advancement, Maestro has revolutionized the way we experience comfort in our surroundings. Our cutting-edge products, including state-of-the-art misting fans and cooling systems as well as dehumidifiers and other moisture removal solutions, all chemical free. Maestro is focussed on creating refreshing environments for your comfort and health.