Nimbus, new from Maestro Air

Nimbus portable air purifier by Maestro Air

$ 249

Maestro Nimbus air purifier

Introducing the Maestro Air Nimbus: A Powerful and Portable Air Purifier

Experience pure, clean, and fresh air wherever you go with the new Maestro Air Nimbus. This portable air purifier incorporates intelligent technology, delivering the same level of filtration found in our home air purifiers.

Key Features of Maestro Nimbus Air Purifier:

  • Auto-detection of airborne contaminants for efficient purification.
  • Removes 99.97% of airborne contaminants, ensuring clean and healthy air.
  • Purifies 9-10 cubic meters of air, making it perfect for personal spaces such as desks, cars, restaurants, flights, and more.
  • Optional scent infuser for a pleasant ambiance.
  • Simple user controls and intuitive interface.
Maestro Air Nimbus and replacement filter

Nimbus portable

Small Yet Effective: The compact design of the Maestro Nimbus packs a punch. It offers multiple fan speeds, a powerful combination filter, UVC light, and a replace filter indicator. It can be powered by USB or rechargeable batteries for convenience.

Replacement filters

Replacement Filters: Ensure optimal performance by using the Nimbus replacement combination filter. This filter includes a prefilter, activated carbon filter, and HEPA 13 filter. When combined with the UVC light, it delivers exceptional air purification.

New Maestro Nimbus air purifier

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What is Nimbus?

Pure, clean and fresh air

The Maestro Air Nimbus is a powerful and portable air purifying unit. Nimbus circulates air in a 360 degree bubble, surrounding your personal space with clean and fresh air. With a simple and intuitive user interface, Nimbus is easy to use, compact and portable – the perfect travel companion.

Intelligent 4x stage filtration

Utilizing the same advanced technology as our home air purifier, the Nimbus offers intelligent 4-stage filtration. It features a prefilter to capture larger particles, a Granular Active Carbon filter for absorbing odors and VOCs, a HEPA-13 membrane for trapping viruses and microscopic particles, and a UVC light for targeted disinfection.

Stage-by-Stage Filtration:

  • Particulate / Prefilter: Collects larger airborne particles.
  • Granular Active Carbon (GAC) filter: Absorbs odors and VOCs.
  • HEPA-13 membrane: Traps viruses, mold spores, smoke, and microscopic particulates.
  • UVC light: Targets and disinfects contaminants trapped on the HEPA-13 surface.

Enjoy the benefits of purified air with the Maestro Air Nimbus, your ideal travel companion. Upgrade your personal space with its compact size and powerful filtration capabilities. Breathe easier and healthier wherever you are.

Nimbus features

Nimbus filters 9-10 cubic meters

Personal space purifier

Create your own little purified air “bubble”. Filters up to 9-10 cubic meters.

Nimbus top buttons

Simple user controls

3x simple icons: Speed (2x fan speed settings). Power (power, filter change indicator and filter change reset). UVC light.

Maestro Air Nimbus and replacement filter

Intelligent filtration

Auto-detects airborne particulates and contaminants and filters and purifies your personal air space.

Nimbus replacement filter

Combination filter

Particulate filter.
Granular Active Carbon filter.
HEPA-13 filter.

Nimbus UVC light

UVC light

Targets the contaminants trapped on the HEPA-13 surface.

Nimbus charging/power cable

Portable and battery powered

Battery powered (approx. 2-3 hours). In-built rechargeable lithium battery, charged via 5v USB  or power directly via the USB (cord included: USB 2/3 -> Thunderbolt connection).

Nimbus scent infuser

Essential oils infuser

Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the Nimbus scent infusing pad to add a subtle scent to the fresh air output of your Nimbus portable air purifier. Remove the infuser (located at the rear top of the unit) by lifting from the side. Remove the white pad and add your essential oil. Re-install the pad and the infuser back into the Nimbus and turn on.

Nimbus controls view

Replacement combination filter

The Nimbus replacement combination filter is both highly effective and easy to replace. It lasts up to 6 months (depending on air quality) and ensures consistent purification performance.

The Combination filter explained

Particulate / Prefilter

Collects larger airborne particles.

Granular Active Carbon (GAC) filter

Absorbs smells, odours and Volatile Organic Carbons (VOC’s).

HEPA-13 membrane

Traps viruses, mould spores, smoke and microscopic particulates.

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