When to change the filter

Average filter replacement life: Depending on the environmental conditions, the Maestro Nimbus filter remains effective anywhere between 6-12 months (based on usage and conditions).

Filter replacement: For optimum performance always replace the filter when the indicator light on the Nimbus turns and remains a solid red colour.

*The HEPA-13 filter is not washable, never wet the HEPA-13 filter, it will malfunction and therefore must be replaced.

Maestro Nimbus replacement filter (box)
Maestro Nimbus base - locking and unlocking the unit

Changing the filter

  • Turn the purifier off.
  • Twist the filter base on the bottom of the purifier, counter-clockwise to unlock.
  • Remove the old and used filter and replace with a new one.
  • Reattach the filter base by aligning flush and then twisting the base clockwise to lock.
  • The purifier will only operate once the filter base is locked into position. This is a safety measure.
  • Push and hold the power button for 5 seconds to reset the filter change indicator.
Nimbus portable air purifier Quietly Effectively Purifying
Nimbus combination filter (background)
Nimbus portable air purifier side view

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