Combination Filter – Nimbus


Combination filter replacement for the Maestro Nimbus portable Air Purifier. The combination filter combines:

  • Particulate membrane for capturing larger particles.
  • Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter for absorbing gasses and odours.
  • HEPA 13 filter for dust and small particulates.

Works with the Nimbus portable air purifier. Lasts approximately 6 months (can vary depending on air quality). Very easy to install.

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Maestro Air Nimbus and replacement filter

Powerful combination filter

When the REPLACE FILTER indicator is illuminated on the display, the Combination filter needs to be replaced. The filter will last up to 6 months depending on the air quality conditions.


Particulate filter

Captures dust, particulates, and allergen particles.

Granular Active Carbon filter

Absorbs gases and odours.

HEPA-13 filter

Captures fine particulates, smoke, pollen, and other allergens. Our HEPA 13 filter removes 99.95% of all particles larger than 0.30μm.

Enjoy the benefits of purified air with the Maestro Air Nimbus, your ideal travel companion. Upgrade your personal space with its compact size and powerful filtration capabilities. Breathe easier and healthier wherever you are.

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