Combination Filter (Genesis)


Combination filter replacement for the Maestro Genesis Air Purifier. The combination filter combines a particulate membrane for capturing larger particles, a Granular Activated Carbon filter for absorbing gasses and odours and a HEPA 13 filter for dust and small particulates. Easy to install. The combination membrane, including the HEPA-13 filter, will last 12 months depending on the air quality conditions (never wash the combined membrane).

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The Combination filter incorporates three filtration technologies:


  1. PARTICULATE FILTER: Captures dust, particulates, and allergen particles.
  2. GRANULAR ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER: Absorbs gases and odours.
  3. HEPA 13 FILTER: Captures fine particulates, smoke, pollen, and other allergens.

The combination filter will last 12 months depending on the air quality conditions (never wash the combined membrane).

Genesis Advanced 5 stage 360 degree surround filtration

Cleaning & Maintaining the Filter

The Maestro Genesis combination filter should also be cleaned once every month. There is only one section to clean, the pre-filter which is wrapped around the combination filter. To clean the pre-filter:

  1. Carefully turn the unit upside down and remove the base plate by screwing it off the unit. Remove the filter.
  2. Wrapped around the outside of the combination filter is the white particulate filter or pre-filter. This cannot be removed.
  3. Clean the dirt, dust and pollens off the particulate filter outside with a vacuum, soft cloth or brush with gentle bristles.
  4. Ensure the particulate filter is completely clean before re-inserting its into the unit and screwing the bade plate back into position.
Genesis top view

When the REPLACE FILTER indicator is illuminated on the display, the Combination filter needs to be replaced.

Maestro Genesis on TVSN (small)

Long press the Filter Reset icon for 3 seconds to reset

Trust the Maestro Genesis Air Purifier to deliver clean and fresh air, promoting a healthier living environment for you and your loved ones.

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