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Maestro Air Dehumidifier



The Maestro Dehumidifier is a highly efficient, 100% chemical free air dehumidifier. The Maestro Dehumidifier utilises TEP technology (ThermoElectric Peltier). TEP technology utilises electric currents as alternatives to toxic coolants and DC electric currents as alternatives to compressors. Absolutely no toxins or coolants required, just clean, smart and highly efficient technology.

  • Quiet and efficient, compact and light weight.
  • 100% chemical free air dehumidification.
  • Dedicated 800ml detachable moisture extraction chamber.
  • Auto shut-off function when chamber is full.
  • Room coverage: 20-25 metres.
  • Power: 240v / DC 9V / 24W.
  • Dehumidifying capacity: 300ml/L/h @ 80%RH (30 degree Celsius average).